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Basha Effect's Podcast

Jul 2, 2018

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Basha Effect, where I talk about my key strategies and tips for what I do every morning to set myself up for success during that day. I discuss various misconceptions and other people's strategies that assist them in being successful and ensuring that their bodies and minds are primed for success during that day, but I also talk about aspects of what I choose to do which may differ from the regular expectations of society. My day starts off with me premeditating the night before and setting myself up for success by understanding what I need to be achieving the next day. This podcast shares a lot of my personal key tips and strategies about what I do, but I'm very careful to ensure that I set some guidelines and thought strategies for you to be able to decide about what you will apply to ensure that you succeed.


Enjoy guys. I do this for you.