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Basha Effect's Podcast

Jun 4, 2018

Episode 4


Welcome to Episode 4 of the Basha Effect, in which I have the pleasure of hanging out with Jacy Cunningham (IG: @jacycunningham).  My name is Izhar Basha and I am your host.


Jacy is the most “loquacious” person I have ever met, and this episode gets super deep into exploring social acceptance, achievements and perceptions, and how our experiences and upbringing shapes the way we perceive things.  


Jacy is a life coach and personal trainer, inventor of the Jacy Method, which teaches and advocates fitness of the mind, body and soul.  He is associated with The Summit Conferences and has facilitated events with the likes of Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Mark Cuban and the like.  


Jacy grew up in Washington DC, and now resides in New York.  His early life was colorful, with many ups and downs. Jacy battled the darkness of depression and overcame this with his ability to conquer his thoughts.  Strap yourself in for one hell of ride. This episode of the Basha Effect is sure to awaken your soul.


Enjoy, and thank you for listening.  I’m doing this for you.