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Basha Effect's Podcast

Aug 2, 2018

Episode 12 - Dominating social media through creating meaningful relationships ft. Zac Perna


Welcome to Episode 12 of the Basha Effect, in which I have the pleasure of catching up with with Zac Perna.  My name is Izhar Basha and I am your host.


Zac is a fitness model, online personal trainer and huge Youtube sensation hailing from Melbourne, Australia.  Zac and I discuss the evolution and the current state of social media and what it takes to build a loyal community.  The key message is that you need to deliver value, be authentic and genuine, show your vulnerabilities and avoid getting caught up with negative comments.


This is a really fun and insightful episode.  I had a lot of fun chatting with Zac and fleshing out some deep topics.


Enjoy, and thank you for listening.  I’m doing this for you.